Adjusting the Throttle Position Sensor on my 300zx/Z32

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My 300zx is equipped with an automatic transmission (hey, I know… sticks are better… but I’ve driven sticks my whole life and wanted an auto), and the Wasp’s shifting has been odd to say the least.  Shifting occurs late and hard.  Looking into what could be the problem, I ran across information on adjusting the throttle position sensor (TPS). Read more »

Repairing Exhaust Leak on my 300zx

As I talked about earlier, I replaced the catalytic converter. What I had hoped would be an easy install turned out to be a royal pain. I went with a OEM style 300zx catalytic converter which should have been a bolt on job. But since the bolts connecting the cats to the exhaust manifold were so rusty, I ended up having to break the nuts and drill out the manifold. Read more »

How to Tighten 300zx/Z32 Fuel Clamps

One of the things every 300zx/z32 owner needs to do on a regular basis is check to confirm that the fuel clamps are tight.  The plastic fuel lines will shrink in cold weather allowing gas to leak out. Read more »

More Plasti Dipping on my 300zx/Z32

As I wrote earlier, I plasti dipped my 300zx, or at least parts of it.

I got some more time and decided to finish “de-chroming” the parts that I wanted to turn black.

The window trim on the 300zx came black from the factory.  However, due to time, the original black coating gets ugly and worn.  It looked like the OP had decided to remove what was left of it and leave the trim chrome.  Here are a few pics of what I’m referring to –

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Installing the New Catalytic Converters in my 300zx part 3

I finally got the new catalytic converters into my 300zx the Wasp.  Wow.. what a pain.  What I thought would likely be an easy install turned into a 3 week process (lots of that time was spent letting Pb Blaster soak in so don’t feel too bad for me. :)

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Installing the Catalytic Converters Part 2

So the parts came in.  They look pretty good, but the weld where the EGR attaches isn’t very good looking, but they do look like they won’t leak.


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Replacing Leaking Washer Nozzle

The Wasp’s passenger side windshield washer nozzle leaks.  It isn’t a major problem, but I’ve decided to fix it since it should be an easy and cheap fix.

I’m purchasing replacement washer nozzles and washer check valves from Concept Z.  This should be an easy fix (knock on wood), and I’ll add some pics of the repair job once the parts get in.

OEM Replacement Washer Nozzles for 300zx/Z32

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Replacing the Catalytic Converters on my Z32/300zx

My 300zx has had a bad exhaust smell since I bought her.  I can’t believe I didn’t notice when I bought her.  I have the Z running pretty good (not rich/not lean), and have replaced the O2 sensors.  So pretty much the last possibility is that the 23+ year old catalysts have gone bad.  Since I bought this car from a younger kid who had put on a cat-back exhaust, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cats haven’t been gutted.

New Pictures of The Wasp (1990 300ZX)

Decided my 300zx was looking nice enough to take a few pics of her for the blog.  I think she is really starting to look pretty sweet.

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Plasti Dipped the 300zx/Z32

My wife has agreed to let me get a nice, custom paint job for the Wasp if I still have her in two years.  So as a temporary fix for some of the paint jobs problems, I decided to “Dip My Car”, or at least parts of her.  Plasti-Dip is a type of rubbery spray paint that holds up pretty nicely but can be easily pealed off if you ever want to remove it.

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